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The AWESOME Bia of The Beauty Finds tagged us in her 11 Facts about Me tag. Guys when it comes to swatches of every lip product under the sun then Bia is THE woman to go. I often have dreams about her lip product collection. Ok that was some major fan-girling so without further ado, let’s get into the tag.

1. If you have an option to wear a certain makeup product/brand PERMANENTLY on your face (without any side effects, of course), what would that be?

Atiya: Definitely foundation and blush for the perfect complexion. I am especially partial to the Estee Lauder double-wonder foundation for the most matte finish and the NYX creme blush in Glow for a lit-from-within flush. If I could have these on permanently I would only add a bold lip and be able to leave the house in three minutes.

Amna: I want the perfect Ariana Grande style cat eye eyeliner tattooed on my eyelids. It is such a hassle getting it perfect every time and I cannot leave the house without it. Would make my makeup routine much faster.

2. Which local or international celebrity carries ‘your’ fashion & beauty style?

Atiya: I LOVE Mindy Kaling’s style, it is fun, colorful, flirty and the perfect embodiment of how a modern woman should dress.

Amna: For international celeb, I am obsessed with Shay Mitchell’s Cali girl style. As for local fashion icons I love Sarah Cheema’s instagram ‘Whatsarawore’. Her style is on point!

3. Share one trait/habit/achievement of yours that you are immensely proud of?

Atiya: I am proud of my memory. I can often recall a lot of facts and things once I have heard or seen them. It creeps people out which I love but it also means I make friends easily because I can remember conversations I have had with them.

Amna: I have an incredibly keen eye for good items at flee markets. I am always able to spot the best tops or shoes from miles away at Landa or Sunday Bazaar or any other street market. Makes it easier for my family or friends to shop, they ask me to find them stuff 😛

4. If you could get a chance to meet some historical or family figure in a dream, what would you say/do?

Atiya: I would love to meet my bae, Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre is one of my absolute favorite novels and to sit with such a feminist icon would be my ultimate dream (no pun intended). I would ideally talk to her about Beyonce and modern feminism over a cuppa and it would be beautiful :’)

Amna: I would love to meet Carl Sagan and discuss the deeper meanings of the universe, it would probably take a lifetime of dreaming but it would be worth it.

5. If you could eliminate a certain beauty habit or trend from the world, what would that be?

Atiya: Frosty lipgloss. I can forgive the dark lipliner but UGH just cannot stand frosty lip products. I mean, what were those Glam Shine lipgloss makers thinking?

Amna: I don’t understand the point of strobing. I like highlighting the cheekbones but why highlight the tip of the nose, the chin and forehead? The face normally get so oily there, I don’t see the point.

6. What beauty product never worked for you, yet everybody else raves about it?

Atiya: Benefit’s Coralista blush and High Beam. These products are far too light and do not show up on me at all. The tiny sample of Coralista in one of my Benefit palettes is so chalky, it is hard to believe it is a product by Benefit.

Amna: Everyone is raving about Color Pop lippie stix. They are too sheer and definitely not worth the hype in my opinion.

7. What is the cheapest holy grail product of yours?

Atiya: I mentioned this on the the Pakistan Beauty Blogger’s Community page, but the answer to this question is hands down the eyeliner brush I got from Naheed Supermarket for FIFTY RUPEES. It is the best, softest brush I have ever used to line my eyes. I used the scratchy, terrible Luscious brush for gel liner for the longest time and now that this beauty has come in my life, I am so HAPPY.

Amna: My Sweet Touch nude lipliner is my life! Bought it for less than a 100 rupees, gives me Kylie Jenner lips.

8. What beauty habit of your mother/grandmother have been passed on to you?

Atiya: Well, this is more a fashion habit then a beauty one but my grandmother always says to wear earrings when leaving the house because it makes your look ‘complete’. So this is why I always wear studs even though I hardly wear any other pieces of jewelry.

Amna: I think I am hugely into skincare because of my mom. She is very particular about her skin.

9. What career or life aspirations from your childhood were so absurd that you laugh on them now?

Atiya: I wanted to be a stapler repairer. There is no such thing but I always thought I was quiet adept at repairing staplers. Yeah, guys I had very big ambitions 😛

Amna: I wanted to be a horse…… enough said.

10. Whats the best/most favorite act of charity for you?

Atiya: I love donating to small literary magazines. They are trying to keep arts and culture alive through literature and since I am all about that, I try to do the best I can.

Amna: I have donated jewelry and toys to a charity foundation for young girls. I delivered it myself and trust me when their faces lit up when they saw the gifts, I felt like my life had new meaning. I will definitely go back very soon to meet those girls again.

11. What is the dark-side of beauty blogging?

Atiya: I think this whole inviting beauty bloggers to events that have nothing to do with beauty is just bizarre. Most beauty bloggers’ forte is beauty products so why are they at film events or something? Maybe the definition of beauty blogging should change to lifestyle blogging to encompass everything that a person is interested in since most humans are into more than one thing 😀

Amna: ^ What she said.

Now answer some of our questions:

1. Which product do you think is very overrated?
2. What was the first makeup product you spent on?
3. What was the first celebrity (local or international) look (fashion or makeup) that you recreated completely?
4. What three words would you use to describe yourself?
5. What is your favorite statement lip color and brand?
6. If you could create your own make up product, what would you call it?
7. Do you ever buy products just for the quirky name? For example: I am a huge fan of the OPI polish puns.
8. What is your favorite thing to do when chilling out?
9. Where have you traveled that you were most happiest?
10. What was a book/television series from your childhood that you were obsessed with?
11. Which blogger/YouTuber would you like to collab with?

We tag Huda Sheikh of Sparkling Palette, Sorath Majid of Fashionista, Veena of Make Up World by Veena, Minsa of Fashion Blitz and Arielle of With All My Affection. Really looking forward to your replies, guys and please do link back to our blog, it really helps.

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  1. I had a blast reading this! You guys are just so fun to be around 😀 Mindy Kaling has such interesting taste and Shay Mitchell is just so beautiful she could rock a giant shopping bag #PLLfangirl! I am good at being an encyclopedia of weird facts too. hi5! Atiya please buy that fifty ruppee brush in bulk and sell it to all us bbloggers! Atiya kindly fix my staplers which now resemble scrap metal no matter hwo many I buy 😛 Amna your ambition is just so wise, I mean that right there would be the key to happiness…be a horse! It’s great to know you guys are into such sweet charities 🙂 Can’t wait to post our answers! -Sadaf

  2. Girls,
    First off – my bad. I only knew Atiya, so skipping your name was unintentional. Sorry, Amna!
    And DAMN! Those answers…. you girls are classy! Masha’Allah. I’m glad that level-headed and cultured women like you are entering the beauty blogging arena 🙂
    You are more than welcome to raid my stash. It went through some major downsizing, but you’d still like it 😉
    Stapler Repairer and a Horse… wow. I mean… WOW! I gave the lol-est of laughters on that
    Keep up the great work, ladies and consider me a FAN!

    • Thankyou so much Bia, Atiya and I are feeling so loved! Your questions were really fun to answer.
      A FAAAANNNNNN!!! HAYE, you are welcome, love ya <3

  3. 1. Over rated product: definitely Maybelline’s mousse blushers and foundation.
    2. This I remember like yesterday, my mom allowed me one Jennifer matte lipstick in taupe. I was 15 yrs old.
    3. Not for me, but my sis loved this one look in a magazine add. Product was Revlon eye shadow in smoky green hues. I personally like the cat-eyeliner on myself. Not sure where I saw it first.
    4. Hot, saucy, sweet and tart. (4 words, but they fit).
    5. My fav is this rust red lipstick from etude. I have never heard so many compliments plus its my husband’s fav lip color on me.
    6. Not makeup, but I make soaps. Witch’s Brew!!!
    7. Not really. I do enjoy them though.
    8. New fav thing, checking out you ladies blog.
    9. Happiest in my dream world. Second so far, splash down park in Van city.
    10. Enchanted Forest by Enid Blyton ( don’t mind the spelling please Atiya!!!)
    11. Atiya and Aamna!!!! :-*

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