Style Diaries: Summer Lovin’!

Hi guys!

So summer officially started on June 21st of course these are just white people celebrations because here in K-town summer is all year around. We put together this look book and had a blast making it so we hope you enjoy reading as much as we did. To make it simpler for all the clothing details, simply hover over the tags in the picture and you can see close-ups and information about where we got all the stuff. So let’s do this, yes?

On a balmy summer evening

Amna: Huge fan of Zeen’s summer collection this year. The colors, prints and embroidery are on point and they work so well in our humid weather.I matched it with my favorite quilted bag from Sunday Bazaar which has seen me through 4 years at college and been with me through rain, keechar and everything. And it was a bargain at Rs. 250. One

Printed Fun

Atiya: Beech Tree is totally feeling me this summer with their bright colors and tropical motifs. I love the zipper detail on the shirt as it adds edge to this bright print. But my favorite part of the outfit has to be the shoes which I got from my favorite shoe store, Stratford Street by Mariam Rehman. I raved about this pair in an earlier post and I bought these mainly for the gorgeous color and tassels. The tassels also tie in with my fringed bag so I just love this ensemble. Perfect for wearing when hanging out with friends, or indeed anytime.

Let’s go to the beach

Amna: So when the outfit info tag says “Gift from India” it means that it actually was a gift for someone else but I stole it because I envisioned this outfit and just had to recreate it. I got this kurta made from a kapra I got from Kurtuba market and it works double duty, as both a kurta and a skirt top. I love these handpainted Peshaweri sandals from Gulf (as you can see, we have been totally feeling the desi sandal vibes in this look book), and the gold tones work really well with the cool tones of the overall outfit. Mix your metals, is what I always say.

Summer Daze

Atiya: I fell in love with 9Lines’ Summer Fiesta line since it was out a year ago (i think)? But I was always too poor to afford their prints so when they went on sale I was like YES, please. I love how colorful the print is so I went for a more is more approach with the accessories too, which is something you should try once in a while yes? I am a huge fan of keyhole tops because they are so sexy so obviously this shirt is a winner above the rest. Curled my hair for the first time ever I mean my texture is naturally curly but I decided to define the waves with a tong and I think I did a fairly decent job. Will try and work in smaller sections next time for a tighter curl.

We never go out of (street) style

Amna: Personally I love monochromatic pieces with striking geometric prints (see: beach look) so this shirt which I only picked for a 1000 bucks was begging to be styled with a hip-hop vibe. I got these shoes for a bargain from Hobo by Hub (Rs 1500! Imagine!) so the metallic androgynous vibe of the shoes went perfectly with the rest of the ensemble. The cap is a quirky touch and I think the stripes and pineapples work together for a touch of whimsy. As for the accessories, the watch makes a return for the billionth time. The funny thing is, it is not as expensive as it looks but works a charm, further proof that everything can be budget and still work.

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  1. @Atiya: you know you can pray in the 9lines kameez right?

  2. *can’t. I just ruined my own irony!!!

  3. Woahh…!!!You look amazing. Love your picks for summer.

  4. You look really adorable in all looks. These are perfect outfit ideas for summer.

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