30 Facts About Me TAG – Atiya

I was forced by Amna to do this tag. Something about we both run this blog together and you also have to do this. These questions are a lot of fun though so against my better judgement, I found myself totally engrossed in this tag so let’s do this. Please to enjoy! 😛

Note: Pretentious reading photo in header but it’s a very good book so do check it out; it’s My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante.

Favorite quote

“You have one life to live, why waste it by being jealous?” – I don’t know where I read this, I think it was a magazine.

I firmly believe that envy has never done anyone any good and you can only make your immediate circle more positive by just being happy for everyone.

Ways to win my heart

When it is apparent that you were listening to me and remember what I said.

Songs I currently love (name 5)

  • 1. Starboy – The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk
  • 2. Tere Jiya Hor Disdan – Nescafe Basement
  • 3. Saami Meri Waar – QB and Uzair Jaswal
  • 4. Aaya Laariye – Meesha Shaafi
  • 5. Mushkil – Rushk


None- The only fear is fear itself.

Pet peeves

Sister’s whatsapp notification pings

People who say winters and summers

Last thing you ate

Yogurt granola bowl

Worst habits

I am very messy and disorganised. It often hinders me getting stuff done but I still manage to get it done, albeit slowly. I also have a severe and awful addiction to my phone that makes many people upset but I am doing my best to control it.

Best physical feature

My smile.

Few of my favorite things (name 3)

Talking about books and Breaking Bad with my Dad

Drinking chai at a dhaba with lots of conversation, or just one on one lunch or dinner with friends


(As you can see I talk a lot online and off)

Outfit of the day


Shirt from Beech Tree, Jeans from Outfitters, Shoes from Stratford Street

If I won the lottery…

I will give it all in charity or to projects I am supporting.

An average day

Wake up, make tea, get ready, work, come home, work out, cook dinner, read, watch shows and tweet until I fall asleep.

Photo of your handwriting


This is a shopping list of things I bought from the supermarket.

A book you are currently reading

Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

Meaning behind my blog name

Amna and I believe that we lead good lives and we like to appreciate the best in everything.

My collections

My collection of pop culture references is pretty on point.

Difficult times in my life

I think they are yet to happen. I am extremely resilient and do not let anything get to me.

Most used apps in your phone

Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook

Best thing that happened this year

The Desi Wonder Woman internship, my trips to Islamabad and Lahore in May and November respectively, Sorted Food replying to my tweet, getting featured in The Guardian. And another thing for which I am very excited for about to happen in December, stay tuned!

Dream job

Social media manager at a publishing house, designing content for upcoming books and events. Basically I get to read for a living.

Favorite childhood book

Matilda by Roald Dahl – I learned the gali “You stupid glob of glue!” and the meaning of the word ‘precocious.’

Favorite blogs (name 3)

The Desi Wonder Woman – Love everything she does.

Chef Shamsher – My go-to site for Sunday dinner.

Sallys Baking Addiction –  Everything I have tried from here has come out perfect.

Sorted Food – Four British guys cook and make you laugh, what could be better?

Old photo of me


Favorite accessory – a plate of food.

Weird interests


I like cross dressing men and drag shows. Something incredibly erotic about men dressing up and putting on makeup. Case in point: Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (left) and Michael C Hall (right) in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

What I look forward to

Having more time to myself to read. Also developing a plan for this blog so it can grow and become better.

Places I want to travel to (name 3)

London, Rome, Nepal

What’s in my makeup bag

Color Studio Eye Stylist Eyeliner

Color Studio Kohl Addict Eye pencil

Luscious Cosmetics Brow Luxe Tinted Brow Gel

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

Eyelash curler

NYX Powder blush in Desert Rose

Tarte Smooth Operator Translucent Powder

Luxe Large angled face brush


TV show you are currently watching

I watch The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine Nine and Fresh off the Boat pretty regularly.

Last person you texted and what you texted them

Texted my father who is in India right now:

Please get me Swing Time by Zadie Smith from any Mumbai bookstore.

Tag 3 people to do this tag.

I tag the awesome Kiran of Kay’s Caramelized Confessions and the mipster twin duo, Noor and Areeba Siddique.


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