5 days Of Ramadan Made Easy: Day 3

Hello readers!

We have reached Day 3 of our Ramazan Made Easy series and we decided that we will try out a refreshing drink from MadeEasy.

I am including the video here and explaining how I worked with the lack of amounts mentioned.  This was the biggest issue I had with this recipe because the amounts weren’t specified so I eyeballed most of the ingredients resulting in WAY too many herbs in the drink. I am still exhaling mint as I type this up.

You will need:
Roasted cumin seeds, crushed
Mint leaves
1 inch knob of ginger
Black salt
Tamarind pulp
2 cups ice
1 packet Fruitily Lemonade drink mix


Crushing roasted cumin seeds for the lemonade. I used about a tablespoon in the lemonade.


Fancy set up shot of the ingredients. I found that the recipe did not actually require lemons so I’ll just say I used them for the aesthetics, hehe. I used the whole bunch of mint and about an eighth of the coriander bunch which I will definitely say that you should cut down by half. The rest is a taste-and-add affair which you can imagine was tough because, roza.


Made Easy Rating:
Overall, I would try this drink again with a few tweaks like going easy on the mint and adding the tamarind pulp as in my rush to make this before iftar I completely forgot to add it this time, whoops. And to be honest, despite the herbie fully loaded situation, it tasted pretty good though the fam still had their reservations. I really think National Foods can develop a recipe that makes one jug of Fruitily Lemonade and we can add the amounts specific to that.

We hope you enjoyed this iftar drink special today. Gear up for Day 4 tomorrow!

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