The Good Life is the creation of sisters Atiya and Amna who have a shared enthusiasm for everything beauty, fashion and lifestyle. From books to music to food and other random bits and bobs, these two Karachites explore and share everything that they think makes up ‘the good life’.

We hope you find something that will interest you or inspire you and make your visit to this blog worthwhile. If there is anything you want to see on the blog email us…our contact page is open!



A lipstick junkie who only speaks in pop culture references. Books, movies and Twitter are my weaknesses. Trained in journalism but really my goals in life are to open a bookstore and come home to the perfect cup of tea. Talk Breaking Bad to me and we will be friends.



Visual artist and Sci-fi fanatic who likes her tea strong and her eyeliner perfectly winged. When I’m not Snap chatting or dreaming about donuts, I’m found with a DSLR in my hand, which is kind of why this blog exists. Trekkie or Warsie? I am both. Often found wearing cat ears for a dose of awesomeness.

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