Art X Fashion – Collab with Noor and Areeba

This collaboration has been a few weeks in the making – it is a tale of two cities (Thatta and Karachi), lots of explaining to me about whose mood board I had to make and #Careeming till we found the perfect location.
Get ready for the best collab ever as we bring you art, fashion and looking for a spot to take pictures where a policeman won’t bother us.

The Challenge:
Combining both our aesthetics: Noor and Areeba’s signature moodboards with our fashion and photography and create outfits based on each moodboard.

Now, obviously I the writer of this post has no Photoshop skills so I did not live well to the challenge. But my partner Areeba created an incredible mood board for me. She took my love for bright colors, museums, tea and stacked jewelry and delivered a masterpiece of Matisse proportions. I reflected the gold in the accessories and of course, had to add the bright desi touch with yellow khussas from Khussa Mahal (Lahore, represent!) and a chunri ka dupatta. A swipe of Ruby Woo by MAC completed the look.



Amna made Areeba’s moodboard combining her love for mint, glitter make up, the 1975 and crystal drop necklaces. Areeba reflected the mood in her mint dupatta, crystal necklace and her signature hipster touch with sneakers. Who says sneakers and shalwar kameez cannot look awesome together?



Can this moodboard be more Amna? It has Ariana Grande, lots of palm trees and graphic, minimalistic lines. *Puts on fashion week commentator voice* Amna rocked the look in a leafy patterned shirt, topped off with a flower crown from Nishat Linen (Rs. 150, bargain!) The eyeliner is on point with wings sharp enough to cut a man. Nude, studded heels reflect the neutral tones on the mood board but mostly because they look killer and perfect for strutting.



And finally, we come to Noor. I’ll be honest, my sister had to help (read: make the whole thing) with the moodboard. But it reflects what Noor loves, florals, Kylie Jenner and Rupi Kaur poetry about self love. This powerhouse duo gave me my mantra for this year: “Living well is the best revenge.” Noor rocks a floral kurta with a dark, brick dupatta, her signature blue drop statement necklace and braided kolapuris. Fashion x Art goals were achieved here.



Behind the scenes:

We started the day at 10:30 am at Seaview looking for plain walls to shoot against. We thought we will walk to McDonald’s park but Karachi is kinda dead on Sunday. After getting chased away from the policemen for taking photos I had the brilliant idea for going to Roadside Café. But it was closed! LOL – But being the strong femmes we are, we struck a pose and did our thing. After that we were proper famished and headed off to Chatterbox Café where both Areeba and Noor declared they had the best food ever, thanks guys, we think so too.



Sab ke aapa, Atiya aapa



Areeba putting on her glitter tears



Grabbing some grub after our hard work

We hope you enjoyed our collaboration. A huge thank you to Noor and Areeba for collaborating with us and being adventurous.
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Till next time, shine on!



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