Coming Clean: 5 Ways To Go Zero Waste

Over the summer Amna and I have been trying to cut plastic out of our lives. It is not a perfect journey and one that is full of learning curves (why can’t we get rid of cling film permanently?) but here are some ways that we have been incorporating in our lives and how you can get started too!

Plastic Free

  1. Go shopping!

Head to your nearest Miniso (yes, I, Atiya hater of Miniso went there) and pick up:

  • A cutlery set for Rs. 249
  • A water bottle for Rs. 499
  • A tote bag for Rs. 499.

And voila! For the bargain price of Rs. 1247, you have done 50 percent of the work of going plastic free. If you carry these items with you, you will no longer spend on plastic water bottles and cutlery (no it is not lame whipping out your own cutlery). Tote bags are foldable so if the pesky security guard stops you at the entrance of the grocery store, you can just take it inside your purse and fill it up at check out.

2. Buy a bamboo toothbrush

Hey, what can I say, starting with your mouth is the first way to go zero waste.  Recircle convinced me that I needed one so I bought it. Check it out here.

3. Switch to a menstrual cup

For all the bleedin’ ladies, try and make the switch. Amna and another friend ordered their menstrual cups and they swear it has made all the difference. When worn right, there is little fear of leaks or staining, it needs to be washed every few hours or so and the general vaginal area feels great. And think of all the chaffing from pads that you are spared!


4. Invest in soap bars

Amna and I are have been gifted a couple of soap bars we’re excited to use. I am also excited to experiment with an apple cider vinegar hair rinse so I can do no poo. That’s a movement to stop using shampoos with harmful chemicals in them and therefore stop adding to the waste generated by the bottles they come in . Having been on the curly girl method ( I mean kinda? I have stopped straightening my hair and switched to more natural treatments for it), the no poo movement is perfect for someone as lazy as I am.


5. Take part in your local community environment awareness initiatives

This past Saturday, we headed to a clean up of Sea View in collaboration with Coca-Cola, WWF and the National Volunteer Program. Being mindful of the waste generated by corporations, Coca-Cola launched World Without Waste to bring back a bottle or can for every single one it sells by the year 2030. This is Coke’s initiative to make recycling accessible with a continued focus to make their packaging 100% recyclable.

So there you go, five ways you can start your zero waste journey. Have you tried anything else? Let us know!

Disclaimer: Post made in collaboration with Coca-Cola but all opinions and actions are our own.


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