#DadiCool – Old is the new cool

Remember that iconic line “Waves – naam hi kafi hai?” Truly a blast from the past from a golden era of advertising. I also remember something from that jingle “Waves ka trip-let wah bhai wah wah bhai wah” – bet you sang along to that haha.

Keeping in line with combining the old and the new, Waves launched a new freezer with a digitized touch control panel and motion sensitive LED lights which basically means that your fridge knows when you are coming for that last bit of chocolate ice cream. To launch the freezer – the Alpha Trip Let, Waves came up with a cool new campaign. Called Dadi Cool, with Bushra Ansari as the brand ambassador, the message of the campaign, in my opinion, was that the Waves you knew from the past is still holding on to the same core values of family and gathering around a cold summer treat but has also updated it’s product for the needs of a new generation. I love how non ageist the campaign was because being inclusive of all generations is what Waves has always been about.

You can check out the TVC here.

I think the song Dadi Cool has the same catchiness of “Naam hi kafi hai” from when you were a kid. It was a hit on Patari with bloggers also taking on the challenge by coming up with their own moves for the Dadi Cool song. Bushra Ansari knocked it out of the park because why shouldn’t veteran stars get to have some fun too? Here’s my take on the song because I just had to channel my inner goofball.

To add some youthful zest, Faiza Saleem whose comic timing has been compared to that of Bushra Ansari’s also gave a shout out to this fun campaign. Faiza with her touch of humor and silliness added more flavor to the campaign. She not only mimiced Bushra’s famous dance move but also featured in comic sketch disguised as a Cool Dadi. Check out her video here:

Are you ready for something super cool? Stay Tuned to Find out what has got Faiza Saleem so excited!#WavesPakistan

Posted by Waves Pakistan on Sunday, June 30, 2019

What did you think of the campaign? Do you have iconic move for Dadi Cool? Let us know!

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