30 Facts About Me TAG – Amna

Amna: I love watching tag question videos on YouTube because I’m so farig, and thought why not do one myself?
I came across this really awesome questionnaire online, made some changes and voila!
Also this is a good excuse to talk about myself 😛 #SoExtra

Alright lets go:

Favorite quote

“Sometimes when I look at you, I feel I’m gazing at a distant star.
It’s dazzling, but the light is from tens of thousands of years ago.
Maybe the star doesn’t even exist any more. Yet sometimes that light seems more real to me than anything.”  – Haruki Murakami

Ways to win my heart
Bring me donuts any day, the glazed ones!

Songs I currently love

I fear patriarchy and its power. I do what I can to fight back everyday, but it can sometimes be too much.

Pet peeves
Wet bathroom floors and mansplainers

Last thing you ate
Turkey sandwich from Subway and a fruit salad

Worst habits
Saying yes to people then backing out.

Best physical feature
Skin tone, hands and legs

Few of my favorite things

  • Masala chai
  • OPTP
  • Palm trees

Outfit of the day
Top from Ali Express, kimono from Forever 21, pants from Genesis-Dolmen Mall, shoes from Stratford Street


If I won the lottery…
I would move to another part of the world preferably Istanbul or Chicago

An average day
Going to work, coming home, working out, dinner, read or watch YouTube, talk to friends, go to sleep

Photo of your handwriting
This is my work diary. I am brainstorming ideas for a childrens’ magazine 😛


A book you are currently reading

So Sad Today by Melissa Broder

Meaning behind my blog name
Sis and I always see happiness in the little things. And I say even if things are bad, I still have a good life because I focus on things that make me happy.

My collections
I have a pretty awesome music collection. I know everyone has music on their computers and phones but I ‘collect’ music. I have albums of artists you have never heard of and I curate playlists every now and then on Soundcloud.
I used to burn my own CDs and design covers for them back in the day, now I just download MP3s.

Difficult times in my life
I have depression and anxiety and it makes life hard sometimes. Everyday is a struggle but I try my best to focus on the positive. I have a couple of awesome friends who help me get through the bad times.

Most used apps in your phone
Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter
Follow me @amnaabbas on all the above platforms. Sorry for shameless plug.

Best thing that happened this year
My current job, my trip to Lahore in March, my One Plus 3 phone, and the last thing is yet to happen in December for which I am really excited! Update coming soon.

Dream job
I joined my current workplace this year and I think its pretty much a dream job. I get to illustrate comics, do social work, attend events, travel and my colleagues are the loveliest bunch. Not most people get to say this but I already have a dream job MA.

Favorite childhood book
All I see is Part of Me by Chara M. Curtis

Favorite blogs/ YouTubers

To The 9s
The Nerdwriter


Old photo of me
This ones from 2011. I had bangs and my point and shoot camera was attached to my hand permanently.


Weird interests:
Watching funny fails and Korean Mukbang videos and trying out instant noodles by different brands.
You can stop judging me now.

What I look forward to
I’m looking forward to starting a YouTube channel. I know what content I want to post but I want to do this project as a creative venture for myself. I don’t care for reaching millions of subscribers but I love making videos and I want to dive into this project next year. I also look forward to traveling more.

Places I want to travel to
Barcelona, Tokyo, Machu Pichu

What’s in my makeup bag
BabyLips, Sweet Touch eye pencil, Nyx Soft Matte LipCream in Prague, Essence Mattifying Powder

TV show you are currently watching

Last person you texted and what you texted them
I texted my friend Zain about some work that’s pending. Sounds so weird on its own though :/


Tag 3 people to do this tag.
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Zoha Aamer Khan (www.zohaaamer.wordpress.com/)

You guys can download the questionnaire here 30-questions-tag

Hope you enjoyed this tag, would love to hear your answers to these questions in the comments!

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