February Favourites

Hello everyone! Another month and another edition of favorites. Usually I am very glad that I have rediscovered favorites and that I did not go shopping but whoaa in February, we kind of went overboard what with the drugstore hauling and the Pop-Up Beauty shop that was on Feb 6th and we just had to get goodies. Anyway, enough rambling, on with the faves!



Super super in love with the Miami Roller Girl blush and the Color Studio blush in Audacious Orange. I am the biggest addict of corals and oranges and these are the blushes I reached for the most in February. I especially love the pink end of the Roller Girl, because it is so bright and you literally only need a tiny bit. It is weird but I love overdone blush, it makes me feel happy.

Recent lipstick acquisitions have been the Glamorous Face liquid lipsticks and the Clazona matte liquid lipsticks. Oh my god, you guys, these are hidden drugstore gems. The Glamorous Face ones have a tacky finish and do not dry matte but that problem can be fixed by layering them on a lip liner or a lipstick. That said, they are so long lasting, I go through entire work days without having to touch them up. The Clazona lipsticks are perfection and all for the incredibly low price of Rs. 160! They dry matte, are long lasting and available in a gorgeous array of colors. Amna and I definitely plan on going back to Naheed Supermarket and stocking on backups. Word of caution, they dry darker on your lips than in the tube so you should pick your colors with that in mind.



I finally got my Amazon book order! I had sent it to my friends’s sister’s place in Houston to save on shipping and when the sister visited this February, I got my stash! AHHH. I am the biggest fan of Slaughterhouse 90210, a Tumblr run by Maris Kareizman. She combines quotes from literature and scenes from television shows in the most incredible way. I feel like it is literally me in a book, because I love literature and an unhealthily obsessessed with pop culture. Anyway, when I heard she was writing a book on the Tumblr, I ordered my copy immediately. I flip through it all the time and find inspiration on every page.

I had also ordered Vol 3 of the Ms. Marvel series. Guys, I can’t even on how much I absolutely love it! The comic books follow Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager in New Jersey who suddenly gets super powers when a mysterious fog descends on the city. With the help of her friend Bruno, she fights bad guys while at the same time, trying to keep sane under the rules of her strict parents. It is hella relatable and every detail about Pakistani mores and norms is correct. Not only that, there is a tender compassion and kindness in the way our society works has been explained, no apologies, no bending down to white people. And it is funny! I found myself laughing on so many occasions. If you love comic books, you need to check this series out.


PicMonkey Collage1

Deadpool – Thoroughly enjoyed the dirty humor and fast-talking slick dialogue of the latest action-hero movie. Ryan Reynolds is a treasure but seriously I only love him because he is married to Blake Lively, and Blake Lively is a goddess.

Spotlight – So I saw this on February 29th right after it won the Oscar for Best Picture. I have an addiction to journalism movies so I am surprised I did not see this before. Spotlight is based on true incidents about the staff of The Boston Globe uncovering a huge scandal where priests have molested young boys and the Church has tried to cover it up for 30 years. It was such a good, quiet movie and yet, when you see the statistics unfold and the horror of what happened hits you, you just want to bawl. One of my friends tweeted that in light of the Kasur incident, Spotlight is an important movie for Pakistanis to see.


Ok ok, I heard this on March 1st but I will mention it here anyway, the cover of Love Me Again by the awesome chicks at Nescafe Basement has been on repeat for five days and I kid you not, I am still not bored. The flow of the tabla and the drums is SO good and the ladies are just killin’ it. Please to enjoy for your hearing pleasure.

So that is all for February Favorites y’all.What have you been loving?

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