Five Room Decor Ideas You Need to Know

Hello people. Amna here. I recently revamped my room and made a video about my tips for what I did but in this blog post I will tell you how you can be thrifty while redecorating your room. Because it is nice to decorate your room on a budget.

First up check out the video I made for my room and if you’d rather not just scroll through the five tips I have for you right here. Though you should watch the video for bonus tips, please? Ok.

Moving on….

  1. Have a color scheme


I chose a color scheme of blush pink, ochre and teal and then bought all my cushion covers around that theme. Working in different hues of these colors lends coherence and visual connection to the room. Keeping the bedsheets neutral makes all the other accessories pop.

2. Make a gallery wall on a budget


Other than the pineapple print which is from 9Lines and the plate which is from Clayworks, the rest of the art is all DIY. Atiya wanted something Breaking Bad themed on the wall so I found this print online and printed it out. The female power print fit in with my life views and aesthetic sense so that went on the wall too. The frames are all cheap picks from Sunday Bazaar (the one that was under the Korangi Bridge). I strung it altogether with lights from Ali Express and my gallery wall was done.

3. Buy cheap baskets and trays 



I got this basket and jute tray from Alamgir Store, Bahadurabad and the Sunday Bazaar in Gulistan-e-Johar. These are inexpensive ways to store all the things you need on a daily basis and to make neat storage spaces for knick knacks. Add a little green to make it look fresh.

4. Make a proper work space


I cleared up my desk area so that it would get more light and make the room look spacious. I used this trident box we got as part of a PR basket as a desk organizer. I made a mood board with a bulletin board my sister bought in the US but never used in her own apartment smh. Now my work space looks all Tumblr-y hehe.

5. Revamp a plain old chair


I threw a piece of faux fur on top of a plastic chair and added a cushion to make it look all cozy. Now the hope is that the chair doesn’t turn into a dumping place for clothes which it already has….kinda.

So that was it for my room revamp. Did you like? What are your tips for making your room sparkle? Let me know in the comments!

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