Going Green: Hair transformation

Long time no post. Sorry guys.
In case you guys didn’t know, Atiya and I are interning with the talented Shehzeen Rehman aka. The Desi Wonder Woman and we are busy making posts for her blog. Check out our fabulous intros on Shehzeen’s blog here.
Read our first collaborative post here.

Anyhoo *drum roll please*
I went through a much needed transformation this month. That right, green hair!


If you follow me on my other platforms, you know I love doing crazy things to my hair. This transformation was already long overdue and I finally went for an all over color change.
The awesome people at Linette Salon, Karachi did my hair and I absolutely love the results. Ironically the only day I had free to spend 3 hours at a salon was Sunday 14th August, which gave people the wrong impression that my hair dying venture was an act of patriotism. The color just suits me.
hair inspirations
Nikki Demartino on Youtube is hair goals. She has a saturated blue color with dark roots, a look I love.
And who would I be If I didn’t get inspiration from comic book characters? I absolutely love Alana from the SAGA comics. If you haven’t read SAGA, you are seriously missing out.

I will not be taking you guys through the process as its quite common: bleach, wash, apply color, rinse. I will however mention how artistically the bleach was woven through my hair. Naseem, the hair expert at Linette did an amazing job and it resulted in a much manageable color rather than it being too unnatural and wig-like.


I’ve always liked shorter hair on myself as it reflects my personality and is easier to maintain. Seriously, I can’t manage long hair, in fact I don’t even know what to do with it. I am a noob at styling and all those half buns, french braids and high ponytails. So short hair is best for me. Since there isn’t much length, it can get boring at times which is why coloring has become a necessity for me. I love experimenting with my hair and I don’t like to play it safe. I mean, its just hair….It will grow back.


And of course, photoshoots are a must if you go through a transformation. Atiya helped take my pics in this dramatic light which makes the color look so beautiful. I had this outfit ready days before the dye job.
Good things come with planning guys…. don’t judge.

Outfit details: 

Top: Outfitters (DIY: I cut the sleeves off)
Black ripped jeans: What The Funk
Silver slippers: Stratford Street by Mariam Rehman
Bangle: Zeen by Cambridge

Hope you guys like my new hair. To be honest, I wish I was born with this color, its suits me that well and my friends now say I look more like the characters I illustrate. To that, I’ll say: mission accomplished.

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