High-end + Drugstore Haul

So the biggest event for makeup fanatics was held last weekend. Atiya didn’t attend it but I (Amna) did and updated her the whole time by Whatsapping pictures. Ah, the joys of technology. So this is what I picked up (and now I’m sad because I am broke as hell LOL)


InDelath/Zensky Open house haul :
I always wanted to see what the big hype around Lime Crime’s Velvetines was so I bought the most raved shade ‘Cashmere’. the thing is, I wasn’t very happy when I used it for the first time. Lets be real, its not for darker skins. BUT I experimented with different lip liners and lipsticks and came up with a trick to wear it and now I can’t stop wearing it. The Ofra Liquid Lipstick was for Atiya because shes been looking for a deep violet lip color.  I have (sort of) mastered the art of applying false lashes so I wanted to buy lashes from a good brand. They are beautiful! I have already worn them which is why they look a bit used in the photo. I also got a couple of perfume samples just for the heck of it.


Atiya: Innocent trips to the drugstore often don’t turn out that way so we ended up indulging a bit WHOOPS. I passed by the Color Studio kiosk and this color caught my eye. I have been on the hunt for a pinky nude (I know, totally unlike me) but ever since I saw YouTuber Tess Christine wearing a similar color in her video I wanted to have it. Absolutely love Color Studio for its nail polishes and at such dirt cheap prices.

Amna: I bought 3 purple toned lip liners to wear with my ‘Cashmere’ liquid lipstick. If you are struggling with this lip color, then buy these! I also bought a soft pastel pink nail polish because I love nude nail polishes. Can’t get enough of them.

DSC_0017 DSC_0018


Resource List:

INDELATH and Zensky facebook pages
Ofra Liquid Lipstick in New Orleans: Rs. 1900
Lime Crime Velvetine in Cashmere: Rs. 2900
Ardell Naturals 110: Rs. 1100
Viva la Juicy Gold Couture sample: Rs. 200
Cartier Baiser Vole sample: Rs. 200

Naheed Supermarket:
Glamorous Face Lip liners in 02, 16 and 33: Rs. 45 each
Golden Rose Color Expert Nail Lacquer in 08: Rs. 175
Color Studio Professional Haute nail polish in Teddy Bear: Rs. 225

That was our haul over just this last week. Lord help us because the Indie Art and Craft Show is on Sunday. What have you been hauling lately?


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