January Favourites

Hi guys! Wow can you believe the first month of 2016 is already over? But I suppose that is what everyone says when time passes hehehe. Amna and I have been crazy busy this month what with weddings and family and all that so obviously there was a chance to dig through all the makeup and discover some favorites.



Atiya: I hit empties on my Loreal Tru Match Dream Lumi foundation and was in the market for a new one. I bought this MAC Studio Sculpt a couple of years ago from Macy’s and I hated it. It highlighted dry patches, settles into fine lines and did not sit well on my skin. But now I realize that that was because my skin was adjusting in America’s climate and had gone haywire and I did not know how to fix it. Also, I did not have the Beauty Blender back then and blending with a stippling brush did not work with this foundation. Anyway, I reached for it again and using this with the BB was a miracle. This foundation does not sit on the skin immediately after application but after some time (say an hour of wear) it melts into your skin and looks very natural and flawless. It has thick coverage and a semi matte finish which I love. So despite the fact that it takes a while to adjust, I really like this rediscovered foundation.

Rediscovered my NYX Butter lipsticks this month. Mannnn, these are so good, the texture is soft, smooth and buttery (hence the name) and the colors pictured; Sweet Tart and Razzle are perfect spring/summer colors. Razzle I legit bought when I saw DulceCandy’s tutorial and Radiant Orchid was all the rage. And after all the matte liquid lipstick hype it was nice to reach for glossy, high-pigmented lipsticks.

Obviously Ruby Woo is a cult favorite, but I underestimate it’s beauty and importance in my stash. I wore it with a white and gold outfit and I could not stop admiring myself. Seriously. Major self-appreciation from this little tube of red awesomeness.

My favorite nail combo this month has been OPI’s Incognito in Sausalito and Wet ‘n’ Wild top coat in Hallucinate. The Wet ‘n’ Wild polish was mistaken for Essie’s Shine of the Times so you can imagine what a bargain it is for the dollar I spent on it. Once again it was an impulse purchase after I saw Shannon Sullivan wearing it in one of her videos (I have serious problems with impulse buys :P). The OPI is a dark vampy dark blue, completely opaque in one coat and since it is from the San Francisco collection (one of my favorite cities in the US) I absolutely love it.



Atiya: RUSHK IS BACK <3 Guys I had the honor of seeing them at PACC this month and I could not believe it! The lead singer Tara Mahmood is very different from Nazia Zuberi but Rushk has maintained the seductive, haunting, jazzy sound that made their first album such a huge hit. I have such good memories of Rushk from the controversial video of Behti Naar that aired on Indus Music to looking for their one CD in Music City in Bahadurabad (or was it Laraib Music?). That they have made a comeback is the best news ever. The set they played was literally backed by a screen that played haunting and weird visuals which gelled really well with the strange poetry of their music.


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Amna: I went to the Cranked up Karachi music gig at Arts Council featuring Alien Panda Jury, Azhar Kazi and the Mausikars and Sikandar Ka Mandar. I went specifically for Alien Panda Jury because I love his electronic music. And its definitely worth experiencing live. Azhar kazi and his band also performed a few feel good songs and got us ready to jam hard to Sikandar Ka Mandar who never fail to entertain. They have the best stage presence in my opinion.



Amna and I went to see Bajirao Mastani on a whim and guys, what a fun movie. It was so grand, the CGI could’ve used a bit more finesse and the dialogues were OTT but overall, we both really enjoyed it. What stood out was that Bajirao’s first wife (Priyanka Chopra) and Mastani (Deepika Padakoune) were not pitted in a competition. They accepted each other in the circumstances the man in their lives had put them in. So for that bit of girl-on-girl love I really appreciated the film. That and Deepika’s highlighter, of course.


Atiya: I am a huge Shakespeare buff and the new Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard was simply amazing. Macbeth is the tale of a man so overcome with ambition that he kills the king to take the throne for himself. Egged on by his equally ambitious wife, Lady Macbeth, he commits atrocity after atrocity and yet he knows that he will never have the power that he so craves. The style of the film was like a graphic novel, where each frame could’ve been a comic panel. A visual and visceral experience, made even better by the phenomenal acting, Macbeth is a must watch for all literature buffs and fans of cinema.



Amna: The Revenant is a brilliant movie. I saw it without having read anything about it, who directed it or who the cast was except that Leonardo DiCaprio was in it. I was thrilled to see Alejandro Iñárritu’s name appear at the very end because I love him and his work. The film is set in the American wilderness in the 18th Century and follows the survival of a man who is abandoned by his own hunting team. The movie is well structured and relies heavily on the performances of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. I recommend this movie to those who love creative storytelling, and not miss out on this one.



I went to Saleeqa, a home goods store near Sea View this month and could not resist hauling some baking stuff. Amna says this makes me a grandma but hey, she is the one eating them later 😛 Can’t wait to make some donuts in this cute tin. And the cute cupcake papers just had to happen. Speaking of baking, I made this Chocolate Ganache Tart twice this month and it was a hit 😀


So that is all, we’ve been loving this month. Did you make it till the end of the post? Ha! What are your favorites? Let us know 😀


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