Lets eat! A tour of #KarachiEat 2016

It seems like everyone and their uncle was at the Karachi Eat Festival. The crowds were intense, the lines were long but dedicated foodies made their way to try Fatso’s grilled cheese sandwiches, Choc and Churros churros and something called chocolate gol gappay which I did not even attempt to get because there are only so many times one can die and go to heaven. Set against the backdrop of Frere Hall, the whole place was a photo op, so armed with a camera, Amna and I attacked the festival (and the food). Join us? Yes.




Because did you even go to the festival if you didn’t take a photo in the Chai Wala rickshaw?


Mandatory “in the moment” shot.


Emaan’s Cakes got us feeling some type of way.


The Magnum kiosk was lit. And the kind stranger who took our picture was the best.


Atiya: I am a khao suey junkie and therefore, Saniya’s Kitchen did not disappoint. So spicy and tangy.


Fatso’s grilled cheese roast beef sandwich was SO WORTH my burnt tongue.


Amna: These balloons at the Magnum lounge were the ultimate selfie background!


Defo need a sign like this to put up in the house and then maybe make some lemonade…
But seriously, the lemonade at The Melting Pot was delicious!


And the award to the best lighting goes to the Lipton stall. All the goals.

Hope you enjoyed this tour! Did you go to the festival? What were your favorite vendors? Let us know!


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