Long Weekend Routine

This long-weekend was much needed right guys? We were sent this awesome headset from Lenovo in honor of the launch of their VibeP1m Smartphone so we thought we will photograph our long-weekend routine and show you all what we get up to.

Wedding season has been crazy this year so I, like most of Karachi had a wedding to attend on Thursday. Getting ready is the real party and when you put on these noise-cancelling headphones, putting on eye-shadow turns into a spiritual retreat itself.



I think by now you all probably know that I love to read and I swear, I look forward to any days off to sneak in a few pages of a good book. Current read is A Little Life by Hanya Yanighara, a pretty intimidating tome but I am determined to make my way through it. The headset is perfect for having the music in and the world out.



The highlight of this weekend was the Patari Aslis Concert at Sattar Buksh on Saturday. Patari is like a Spotify but for Pakistani music and they have been played a key part in reviving the Pakistani music scene. The Aslis Concert (translation: Originals, which I found out on Twitter) was a collection of performances by bands whose music was first backed and promoted by Patari. Of course, when you are at an event like this a good phone is necessary and with the Lenovo Vibe P1m 8mp auto-focus camera ¬†and 4G LTE you can SnapChat, Instagram and Tweet your heart’s content without the phone dying on you and due to its quick charge function, you can have a power boost of battery when you are in a hurry capturing moments for all the #gramgoals.



And finally, what Sunday afternoon is complete without a little painting to relax before the hectic week begins? With music and the smell of turpentine and oil paints, I am in my own heaven.



So that was our long-weekend and all the things we got up to. How do you relax?

Disclaimer: This post contains a PR sample. This, however, does not affect our opinion. We enjoyed using the headset and are satisfied with Lenovo products.

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