How we start our day

Hi guys!

Today we are taking you all through our everyday morning routines. Since we both work, time is in scarce supply in the morning but that doesn’t mean we skip out on the essentials. So let’s jump out of bed (sigh)!


So obviously once the snooze button has been hit ten thousand times, one of us manages to make it to the bathroom while the other sneaks in a few more minutes of sleep. I usually wash my hands first thing before I reach for anything else, because it just feels better to touch your face (and toothbrush) with clean hands. The Dettol antibacterial hand wash is a staple in our home because it smells amazing though I have noticed it makes hands rather dry. Nothing a little moisturiser can’t fix but I hope they fix the formula.


Next up: makeup aka morning therapy. A usual makeup look is a dusting of neutral eyeshadow (Naked 2 is the best), a bit of blush (The Tarte blush in Captivating is super pretty) and of course, defining our brows (We are loving the Luscious Brow Gel, it is so good and convenient on the pocket!). We recently learned that wiping our makeup brushes with antibacterial wipes makes them clean and usable for everyday. We love the Dettol Antibacterial wipes because they are not soaked in product and slightly damp enough to clean our brushes with without making them wet. Now that we both look a little less sleepy, it is time for sustenance.


This is the most important part of the day BREAKFAST. We love our eggs and toast with whatever veggies we have lying in the fridge, washed down with a cup of tea, obviously. Other days, we keep it simple with just peanut butter and bananas on toast if we are in a rush. What kind of breakfast do you love? Let us know.


Usually we keep our work bags ready the night before, but when we have been lazy we put everything together while in a rush to get our the door. Got the usual wallet, notebook and pen for those long meetings,water to stay hydrated and a purse sized hand sanitizer to keep hands clean when sitting at the laptop all day.

After this we head out the door and get ready to greet the day. Do you have any special rituals for your mornings? Let us know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This post has been made in collaboration with Dettol, but opinions are 100% are own.

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