Ombre Nails Tutorial

Back in the day I was obsessed with nail art (still am). I’ ve done zebra stripes, statement nails, nail jewels you name it. But I was never into the too intricate stuff and looked for the easy way out. This post is for those of you who love nail art but are also too lazy to be making the Mona Lisa on your nails. And you can do it with supplies you probably have lying around so let’s do this shall we?


  • 3 nail polishes (rule of thumb: use a light, medium and dark color in roughly the same color family to build your ombre). I used Teal, Pearl Cyan and UV Yellow by Sweet Touch cosmetics
  • A cosmetic sponge
  • Top coat
  • Nail polish remover


  1. Paint stripes of all three colors overlapping them on your sponge.


2. Dab the sponge on your nail. The best thing about this method is that you can keep going back and building up the ombre as you like.


3. Use a Q-tip and nail polish remover to clean up around your nails.


4. Apply a top coat to smooth out all the spongey bits on your nails.


TA-DA! Ridiculously easy nail art that took minutes to come together.

A word on Sweet Touch nail polishes

Sweet Touch recently re-branded itself  and I am super impressed with the formulation and the brush on these new nail polishes. The price has been jacked up to Rs. 220 but these are still some of the best budget nail polishes on the market and they come in so many shades and finishes you will be spoilt for choice. They are also fun to do nail art with as they have the perfect consistency and formulation for that. These are available at all Make Up City stores across the nation.


Disclaimer: PR samples supplied for review. These do not affect our opinions in anyway. I loved Sweet Touch polishes before and I love them now as well.

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