One Brand: NYX Lip Product Round Up

Hello everyone! After shopping the lip product stash I realized that we have way too many NYX lip products (but let’s be real, one can never have too many lip products, as any beauty junkie can testify). So Amna and I decided to do a round-up of the various textures and finishes of the products and what they are good for. So let’s get into it, shall we?

nyx table

First up are the NYX Butter lipsticks. These lipsticks are incredibly creamy, pigmented and moisturizing. They last about five to six hours on me given their creamy texture and fade evenly. When I saw YouTube beauty guru Dulce Candy apply Razzle Fiesta I just knew I had to have it. It is a bright fuchsia that has more purple than say Maybelline’s Color Vivids Fuchsia Flash. The one drawback is that these lipsticks melt in our incredibly hot weather so best to pop them in the fridge.

Next is the NYX Butter balm in Red Velvet. Now this balm may not be the most moisturizing balm around but it does leave a pretty reddish stain that looks like you’ve just had a popsicle. And it smells fantastic. Keep it if you like the idea of a day time tinted red lip or skip it if you prefer your balms to be more wet and less waxy.

Sigh. Where does one even begin with the Soft Matte Lip Creams? They are comfortable to wear, dry matte, last FOREVER (okay maybe 8 to 9 hours), not drying and come in a gorgeous array of colors. Morocco is a bright tangerine orange and Prague is the radiant orchid purple you have been searching for. And yes I know these are Colors of the Year from a couple years ago but hey, any time is the time to wear orange and purple lippies.

And finally the famous NYX butter glosses and the new addition to the line Intense butter glosses. Now I can tell you that I love the Intense Butter Gloss which I have in Napolean, a peachy coral color but the original Butter Gloss is fairly new to me. My first impression is that the gloss in Peaches and Cream is not sticky and, as expected from a lip gloss, not that pigmented. It is good for layering over a lipstick. All in all not really my cup of tea because I don’t really wear lip glosses. The Intense Butter Gloss is tacky and your hair will stick to it but despite myself I enjoyed wearing this lip product. The color is a little daring for a medium to dark skin tones but it looks fantastic.

Over all the Soft Matte Lip Creams and Butter Lipsticks are must haves and the other products are skippable. One thing is for sure, these are all far more pigmented than can be expected from products with as many finishes as the NYX Butter line does.

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