OOTD: Small Business Edition

I love shopping from small businesses. The items are unique and you are doing your part to support local craft. I thought why not put together an outfit with items entirely from entrepreneurs and try out new businesses at the same time. So here you go, an OOTD – support local edition! (Except my jeans, they’re from Outfitters).



I ordered this kurta from Behbud Boutique. The service was prompt and effective and the goods were delivered in pristine condition. Behbud Boutique supports women and trains them in local crafts so the money you spend goes directly towards helping them.  I was praying that it would fit me properly and it DOES, like you can’t see my Ramazan food baby. The material is a soft cotton and the embroidery is beautiful, not a thread out of place that makes it look cheap. I love the bubble sleeves, the tassel details and just how comfy this kurta is. For the Rs. 2990 I paid, I would say paisey wasool.


Next up is this gorgeous bag from the Dhurrie Project. Because I am a memsahib I was all like “dhu-rrie” until my Mom said “Looks like it’s made from a dari material” and my lame ass went “Ohhhh, now I get it.” The owner was kind enough to send me a complimentary shirt piece to make up for the delay so if that is not excellent customer service, I don’t know what is. Anyway, I love this bucket bag. It is sturdy and beautifully constructed. It has everything-but-the-kitchen-sink cavernous depths so expect a lot of digging around in it because it does not have separate pockets. It reminds me of Roxy Ryan’s bag in New York Minute which is obviously one of the best movies ever. The strap is adjustable with gorgeous gold details, overall, me likey. It costs Rs 2900 and you can check out more designs on their Instagram. They also have a 20% off Ramazan offer all month!


The earrings I have on are from The Art Geek Tag. I love Zainab Ishaq’s cute hand-painted designs. I don’t remember how much these are for but I think they were Rs.500 so they make great gifts for your BFFs. I have my eye on her Zalima ring and emoji pins so this is really an entreaty to her to start taking orders soon!



And finally, I have on khussas from Jooti Shooti. I had my eye on this design for the better part of a year and I finally ordered them. But I am sorry to say, these shoes were so painful to wear. While the sole is cushioned, the shoes are constructed from some really hard material that left blisters all over my foot. The stitches that held the shoes together also hurt when I put my feet in them. I thought oh well they might need to be broken in, but no, they hurt just as much the next day. It pains (literally and figuratively) me that they are so uncomfortable to wear *sobs*. They cost Rs 2700 with Rs 200 for delivery.


So that’s it for my OOTD. What do you think? Any other small businesses I should buy from? Let me know!

Disclaimer: I bought all these things with my own money. I believe one should support local 100% and therefore I never ask for freebies. And that is why my opinion is also 100% honest.

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