Out and About: The Indie Arts and Crafts Show

This past Sunday, Amna and I headed out to the Indie Arts and Crafts show at the Clifton Marquee. If you knew us when we were kids, you would have seen a mess of papier mache crafts and DIY projects littering our room. The remnants of that phase is that Amna went to art school and I love to bake and occasionally make a bit of jewelry. This being our first time at the show we went a little crazy with hauling some goodies. Let’s walk around, shall we?


Tahreem Aidrus of Terry’s Treats was the sweetest person to share her passion for baking. Her stall was colorful and so inviting you just could not help but pick up a sweet treat. Find out more about them here

 Dast ‘ khat


Kizz Home Decor


Retro Lamps


We were very curious to see these handmade soaps. Our cousin used to make them before she moved to Canada so these just reminded us of her. We picked up an oatmeal bar and a vitamin E infused bar for Rs. 200 each. Find out more here


Starsshine gallery


Team Muhafiz’s stall got us really excited. We are both comic book fans and to see a Pakistani design team out with a comic was just awesome. The first issue was only Rs. 300 and though the team only planned to get the word out about their hard work, word is that they sold out. That’s pretty neat! Support these guys here

DSC_0134 DSC_0136

GAH. Itty bitty things and buttons are a weakness so we just had to get the adorable notepad, keychain and button in our haul photo.  Sadia G, the founded of Prisms and Paintbrushes is as sweet as the doodads she creates. Giver her some love by visiting her page here


Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios


Art Street and Body Color

Here’s all our loot:


Mom and I wandered over to a shoe stall that had the cutest sandals. The stall manager was away so I called her (on the number that was on her stall panaflex). Imagine my surprise when she turned out to be a friend from school who had founded her own shoe designing business. She called her it Stratford Street as a homage to the place in London where she did her shoe-design course from. Isn’t that awesome? I am in LOVE with these shoes and am just obsessed with the gold detailing on the straps.


I shared the gingerbread man’s foot with mom and then ate the whole thing. It was delicious.

So that’s our weekend hauling at the arts and crafts show. Did you visit? What did you buy?

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