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Today we are taking you on a round up of Karachi Eat – only the biggest food festival for foodies (hate that word) everywhere. The entry was Rs 250 but some of that artisan food was ESSPENSIVE and overrated. Anyhoo, we worked our asses off for this video in ehich we tried out the Infinix Zero 4 that was sent to us for review. Below is a roundup of what we tried.

National Ka Pakistan

Though we had been invited by the lovely people at National, the food was actually delicious. The Pav bhaji was perfectly spiced and the chili wings while coated in ketchup were tasty. I loved the Qeema Bun Kebab because it was like a desi sloppy joe flavored with garam masala. Yum.




Peek Freans Cafe

Now this was one cute stall. They were serving Butter Puff bites which were for Rs. 30 and Smores cups which cost Rs. 50. I couldn’t get to try the Smores cups but I hear they were delicious. I personally dont think the bites were all that what with their basic chicken tikka chunks and tomato slices. But for the overall vibe of the stall, two thumbs up.

Yum with Rafhan

The desserts at Rafhan were delicious and a must try! #yumwithrafhan

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This stall was seriously out of a fairytale. The pretty lights, the all-white color scheme made it look right out of a magical land of custard. Because we were taking so many pictures in front of the lights, the marketing director spotted us and introduced herself. We told her we were bloggers covering the event and she was so sweet to offer us two complimentary desserts. We tried the semifreddo topped with sprinkles and the strawberry custard topped with compote. Both were cold, creamy and not overly sweet. The creator of the desserts, Amna was also there and she told us about how she created the desserts using Rafhan. You can check out her page here.


Other stuff we tried but couldn’t take a picture of because life

Saydyz Sorbet: Always a pleasure to try these smooth, tangy and slushy sorbets. I had like 10 at the Creative Karachi Festival but at Rs. 300 this time around, I was content to have one. The vanilla with nutella chips is a must try.

Fatso’s Chilli Fries: The chilli could have used more salt but I liked the cheesy and jalapeno toppings.

Oh My Grill Mini Burgers: Oh my god, were these good or were these good. There was a pizza flavor, a classic and one other one which I forgot but the patty was juicy, the cheese melty but not making the burgers fall apart and the pizza flavor with the pepperoni was melt in your mouth MMM.

Chapli Kebab House: The Hallelulah chorus played in the background when I tried these chapli kebabs. The meat was juicy, the outside was a perfect crispy shell and they weren’t greasy. I have a sexual relationship with chapli kebabs and these were worth making love to. And at Rs. 200 for a kebab and naan, they were the best value for money.

Bond Street Waffles: Overpriced and not worth it at all. Their idea of the Forrero Rocher topping was crushing one chocolate on top and jack the price up to Rs. 400.

D’OH churros: The line was SOOO long but at the end these too weren’t the money. The churro was not fresh and the toppings were so so (I am over nutella seriously).

B’s Bowl and Bakes: I think she went for a Halal Guys type bowl with a New York style chicken rice topped with a white sauce and it was delicious. None of the elements overpowered each other but I wished there was a higher chicken to rice ratio so there was a piece of chicken in every bite.

Karamel’s Milk Chocolate Cookie: It was gooey, warm and fresh and that is all I have to say about this gem of a cookie.

Health Act’s Chicken and Mushroom Wrap: I personally liked the sauce and the fresh(ish) veggies. The whole wheat tortilla (fancy words for a roti) was nice and chewy and the chicken was succulent. At Rs. 150, they werent ripping you off for basically a healthy version of a roll paratha.


So that’s it you guys, this was Karachi Eat 2017 for us. We hope you enjoyed the video and that it makes you hungry 😛

Until next time.

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