September Favourites


Atiya: This month I rediscovered some beauty favorites. I got the Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick in an ipsy bag last September and I had totally forgotten what a pretty, berry flush it gave to the cheeks. So this is what I have been using for a minimal no-makeup makeup look all September because it has been TOO hot to apply anymore. It is also very convenient because it does not require a brush, just dab on cheeks, blend and go.

I have been reaching for MLBBs this month instead of my usual bright pinks and oranges and the Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry is the best nudey pink EVER. I wear it over a lip balm so the finish is a bit semi-matte with a cooling sensation that is very refreshing. You need these Revlon Balm stains in your life because these are one of the best drugstore lip products around.

After shooting our top 5 nail polish picks post I decided to keep the Salon Hansen Salon Manicure in Nightwatch on my nails. It looked incredible and held on quite well despite the absence of my Seche Vite  top coat. The wear on this nail polish is easily five days so for a color as dark as this it needs surprisingly little maintenance.

Amna: In this humidity, the lesser I wear on my face the better. These Essence All about Matt oil blotting sheets are my saviors. Its really hot and humid in Karachi right now and these are really good for blotting the excess oil on my face.



TV shows:

narcos Fargo

Atiya: I was all about that binge watching life in September. I saw two shows that were so incredible they just blew my mind. Narcos follows the life of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and his reign of terror in Colombia, South America. Escobar was a real-life kingpin who was hunted by both the American and Colombian governments. Hailed as both hero and tyrant, the episodes are interspersed with real-life recordings of police raids and mob brutality but at the same time there is an air of fiction around the ‘actor’ Pablo Escobar, like he was a myth and a legend. The show is mostly in Spanish so there are subtitles and all 12 episodes are available for download. If you’re a fan of the greatest show of all time, Breaking Bad, this show is a must-watch.

My second favorite show in September was Fargo. I have seen the 1996 movie on which the show is based and absolutely loved it. I have to say right off the bat that if you are a fan of the Coen Brothers’ brand of dark tragecomedy, you will love this show. The show follows a pathetic individual named Lester Nygaard who kills his wife and then goes to ANY lengths to cover his crime. He is aided by a frightening but strangely charismatic man named Lorne Molvo who leaves a body count in his wake wherever he goes. This show just takes the depths of human depravity to a whole new level but there are still moments of hilarity where you feel so bad that you cannot help but laugh. All 12 episodes of season 1 are available to stream or download and the new season begins October 12.


Amna: I have been loving Empire. So many cameos, great songs, and the very quotable Cookie Lyons! This is a classic ‘pretty people-family drama’ show with tons of crazy plot changes, over the top performances and lots of cameos to keep you interested. Also [much like Glee] the music is the central focus, which is brilliant. The second season premiered two weeks ago, so it’s the perfect time for you all to catch up on the previous season.


Amna: Lana Del Rey is back with a new soul crushing album ‘Honeymoon’. Ugh, can this woman do no wrong? I absolutely love ‘Music to Watch Boys to’ its the best songs in the album along with ‘High by the Beach’ and ‘Freak’. Atiya and I love putting it in the background when we do our makeup and get ready.


When you decide to just stay in and make s'mores cookie cups. #laurainthekitchen

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Atiya: I love cooking and baking so I was particularly proud of these s’mores cookie cups that I made, well, yesterday but we’ll count them as a September favorite ;D I followed this recipe by Laura Vitale, who is one of my absolute favorite YouTube chefs.


Atiya: I am normally not a ranty person but in September I had the dishonor of  getting my treatments at one of the WORST salons ever. I bought Mona Js Eid deal to get a haircut and a facial but I could not even fathom what a horrible experience it was going to be. The salon at Shahbaz commercial is terribly managed and I don’t think they know what “relaxing ambiance” means. I was holed up in a tiny closet for the facial on the creaky facial bed while the music blared outside. The air conditioner was SO cold I stood outside the room while the mask dried. I was particularly disturbed by the salon women arguing with each other in front of the clients. I don’t have a problem with how the work was done, it was just the condition in which they were done. Honestly, it broke my heart as to how underpaid they must be to keep an atmosphere of constant tension in that tiny space. At the end of the experience I was glad I was out of there. I learned my lesson that it is better to pay more and go where you are comfortable and not try and save money at a place where your back hurts more after you’re done.

So that’s it for our September favorites. What all have you been loving?

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