Thailand Diaries #2 – Bangkok

Hello guys! So it has been a month since we returned from Thailand so we think it is important this post goes up right now. But seriously, sorry for the delay, life happened and then “winter” happened, you know. Here is our round up of Bangkok!

Our hotel Vic3 Bangkok was a serious upgrade from our hotel in Phuket. It had a cool minimalistic vibe and most importantly the flush wasn’t broken so that was a relief. And it was minutes away from the nearest train station. One of my favorite things to do in other cities is figuring out how the metro rails work so I was in my element.


Most of our trip can only be described doing one thing: SHOPPING. We hit MBK, Siam Center, Central World and did ALL THE SHOPPING. We did a bit of sight seeing on the Chao Pharya River which was gorgeous but we mostly shopped until we couldn’t carry our bags anymore.


Look at me looking so K3WL – I am not even 50% this put together IRL


Scenes from Siam Paragon where we went to see Star Wars: Rogue One. I think it was okay but at one point I may have drifted to sleep but it was only for a second, I swear.




The Siam River Cruise was one of the best site seeing activities we did. There were two parts to the tour, where we went through the canals in a long kayak-like motorboat and then transferred to a bigger boat for the rest of the cruise. It was amazing to see the city built on water and the incredible skyline of Bangkok laid out in front of us. The cruise was 2 hours long and wasn’t a bad price at all for $36, pick up and drop off from hotels included. Fruit and drinks were served on the boat and the the coconut and mango pudding was so cooling and delicious.


Girl in the City aesthetic on point.


Ramen because Amna felt the insatiable need to eat Japanese cuisine in Thailand while I was halfway through my 10th Pad Thai.


The Siam Malls had a theme going for Christmas for “One World, One Love” or something like that, so this white block-y style was spread throughout the mall and customers could sit and and be hugged. I think it was kinda creepy and dystopic but hey, Bangkok kinda had that cool, dystopic city feel anyway.

We hope you enjoyed our shopping trip around Bangkok. A huge thanks to Blissful Escape for arranging our trip and making everything so manageable. Do check them out for planning your next trip! Until then, cheers!

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