Three Pop Culture Things We Are Super Excited For!

Hi guys! Long time, no blog. I wish I could say it was for purely altruistic reasons that we were busy and had no time but it was sheer laziness. The last post was in summer GAH! We are now well into the fall aka shadeed garmi and excitement for ALL the new shows and movies. Here’s what we are looking forward to this month!

Blade Runner 2049



Tomorrow, Amna and I FINALLY head out to catch this movie. Called “visually stunning” by everyone and their sci-fi loving boy/girlfriend, Blade Runner 2049 is easily the most anticipated movie of the fall season. And it stars the Gos who I have been obsessed with since the brilliance that was Drive. Amna and I have seen the first Blade Runner which was a technical work of genius when it came out in 1982. The story is that in a futuristic world, humans have made”replicants” – androids that look and behave like humans – to colonize other planets. And blade runners are people who have been hired to kill them because sometimes they are on Earth illegally. In Blade Runner 2049, Ryan Gosling is on a mission to hunt down a replicant and his search leads him to Harrison Ford – the blade runner from the first film – older and grumpier now. GAHHH I cannot wait for tomorrow.

Comedy Masala 5


Another exciting event this coming week is Comedy Masala. I have not seen the first four seasons so I am really looking forward to getting a few laughs while also getting to know new comedians. While I usually attend events by local stand up comedians it will be nice to see what the international comedy scene is. The act I am most looking forward to is Shazia Mirza’s who will have all the desi humor that every brown woman can relate to. Brad Upton and Dwight Slade are the two other comedians and Umar Rana is going to be our host for the night. Tickets are available here and the event is from 19th Oct to 21st Oct at the Pak American Cultural Center, Karachi.

Stranger Things


YASS – Stranger Things returns October 27 and we have our fairy lights alphabet wall ready. This show was an unexpected hit last year and SO bingeworthy. I was legit kicked outta my room because Amna and Dad wanted to discuss it and I was like what even? I need to start this show. I watched 4 episodes slowly but then had to binge the remaining 4 in one go because it got so good. Stranger Things is about 4 kids one of whom suddenly disappears one night. And, when they try to find him, they uncover a conspiracy about experiments on children and a weird world with monsters. It’s set in the 80s so there is amazing music, dowdy fashions and Winona Ryder in a stunning return. CAN.NOT.WAIT.

So that’s what we’re excited for as October heats up. What are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

Disclaimer: Sponsored post but this in NO WAY affects our opinions. We promise our feelings about Blade Runner are unchanged because Harrison Ford is still a sexy fox.


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