Weekend Round Up – May 14

Oh my god, I am actually writing the second post for this month. This is amazing. Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you. Momma Good Life and we had a chilled out Mother’s Day with korma and then Amna and her headed out to watch Chalay Thay Saath, I believe some shopping was done in the process.

Here’s something you dont know about me, I can be a homebody like the best of them. I can stay indoors and not venture out for and be completely content. I mostly read and watched a lot of comedies this weekend and ordered makeup because weird things happen when one is alone – get ready for a huge haul in a few weeks’ time.


On Friday, I headed off to Cool Inn after work to read, eat chipotle fries (I cannot orgasm about these enough, so good), and have tea. As per my usual “I can’t even adult” shenanigans I had no credit in my phone so I hung out there till I finished my book, got monies and loaded up from the nearby paanwala (my phone’s credit that is, I have no taste for gutka).

I finished All Over The Place by Geraldine DeRuiter and Human Acts by Han Kang. One was a chirpy travel memoir of sorts and the other was a depressing collection of short interlinked stories about six individuals during the Gwangju uprising in South Korea. I have reviewed both on my Goodreads (which you should totes check out BTW).

I also caught up with Brooklyn Nine Nine, Silicon Valley and Fresh of the Boat because I like comedies that can play in the background and crack me up.


Amna was out on Saturday for a friend’s birthday party. They went to Bounce and then Roadside Cafe. It sounded like a lotta fun. I hung out at home and made Thai red curry #perfectdaughter.



Today it was movie and shopping date with our mother while I, you guessed it, hung out at home with oil in my hair (sexy, I know).


So that was our weekend. What were you all up to? Let us know.


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