Weekend Round Up – May 7

Hi guys!

Had a pretty amazing weekend so I thought I will share the good vibes. I mean it wasn’t anything Out of the Ordinary but like, one should appreciate the good things in life right? Also, planning to keep this regular feature up on the blog in an effort to be consistent. Please to wish me luck for this endeavour.

The Guardians of the Galaxy


I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 on Friday and really enjoyed it. It was funny, lots of cool CGI and Chris Pratt’s abs are always welcome. The plot was a simple take-over-the-universe by a villain who is Star Lord’s father but that usual for a super hero movie. The 80s music is sublime and tech geeks will really enjoy it because of all the throwbacks to old technology.

Manicure from Scent Salon


I meant to treat my mom to a spa day at Amethyst by Roohi but since we were in different parts of the city and she did not want to spend that time looking for the place we ended up at Scent Salon for a pampering session. This place in Zamzama is super nice and relaxing. Amna and I were there on Labor Day because they were offering 50 percent off (ironic I know). We got protein treatments, pedicures and threading. The ladies at this salon are excellent at these things so I took Mom. We had a nice girly time and now my Essie polish is already chipped -_- But I recommend this place for how amazing it is and quiet pocket friendly.

I did the $20 Makeup Challenge on MangoBaaz!


Check it out and send some love.

Haul from Outfitters


Amna decided she needed to do some retail therapy so she hauled from the latest collection at Outfitters. I think this look has very Ariana Grande vibe don’t you think? Can’t wait to steal the heels :’)

We got a black box!


The folks at Yayvo executed a fun campaign where everyone received these boxes. The code was released on Sunday May 7 and everyone was curious what was in the box. Well here it is in all it’s glory, cannot wait to go shopping with all these coupons. And the headphones are welcome though this shirt is too small to fit me 😛

So that is what has been up this weekend. How was yours? Let us know! <3



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