Weekend Roundup – May 21

Technically this post should have gone up yesterday but we did a fashion post instead. Did you see it? Link is right here. Go on click it, please? Ok, good.


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So what have we been up to this past weekend? I attended two store launches at Lucky One Mall. Make Up City gave us a swag bag of stuff and Rs. 1000 voucher that I can’t wait to use mostly for nail polishes because I am not really a fan of Sweet Touch and Femina otherwise. And British Lingerie Studio also opened their doors, being one of four stores in Karachi. They gave a us a cute camisole and a candle to #feelgoodwithin hehe.


Made pancakes for the fam on Sunday that turned out amazing. I am partnering up with them to create recipes so looking forward to indulging my inner Barefoot Contessa. Olper’s Cream reformulated this product and so far I love it. It’s thick, hold’s it’s shape and makes perfect for topping on pancakes.

I finished two books, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay by Elena Ferrante and Gachar Gochar by Vivek Shanbag. The first is the third of the Neopolitan novels and is the story of two girls, Lila and Lenu and follows their friendship for 60 years. These are beautiful, intense novels about female friendship and unlike anything I have ever read.

The next book was a very short read about a Bengali family who is poor but then suddenly makes a fortune and once the dolla bills start pouring in, their family falls apart. It was an interesting look at how the men in the family are utterly useless and blame the women for everything that happens to them. And for the first time in a while I read a desi novel that wasn’t so ¬†on the nose about it’s desi-ness.

So that was what I was up to this weekend. I also watched two episodes of Better Call Saul because I love Breaking Bad and BCS has been excellent this season (as it is always has been).

What have you been up to? Let us know! Can you believe Ramazan is in a few days? We can’t either. Here’s praying for a fruitful month ahead with lots of pakoras and prayers.


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