What’s in our purses?

Hello peeps, long time no blog, I know we are so sorry! But I hope you have been following our posts over on The Desi Wonder Woman’s blog who we have been interning with. We still have three posts to go so do check out the ones which are up here and here.

Alright so for this post, Amna and I are doing a what’s in our evening clutches. Usually we carry backpacks because you know, work life but for the evenings we only like to carry the essentials. So let’s do this.


My purse is from India which mom bought on one of her trips. I am a minimalist when it comes to carrying a purse. Usually I am just with a wallet and phone like a bro but for those dressier evenings, I make an effort to carry a purse.
1. Cellphone, it is Huaweii Honor 4C which I really like. It’s easy to use and fuss free and takes great photos. And obviously the headphones because I live for Patari.
2. Trident gum in peppermint. For those situations when I have had too much chai and need a mouth freshener ASAP.
3. Black wallet from Jafferjees. A hand me down from Mom that I really like because it is compact and holds a lot of cards.
4. Sunglasses. I went through an aviator craze and bought these from Gravity Store on Instagram. I dont think they are worth the Rs.1000 I paid for them because the quality is so-so.
5. Lipsticks. I usually carry a bunch because you can never have too many lipsticks. Featured here: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Fuchsia Flash and the NARS Audacious Lipstick in Annabella.
6. A sample of Versace Crystal perfume. I love these Sephora samples. Such a great way to try new perfumes and to throw in your purse.
7. Hair tie. Kinda useless now that I have cut my hair short but I love creating a samurai bun huehue.


My purse is from Limelight, It was my moms, but I stole it from her. She like big spacious bags anyway.
1. Cellphone, cause DUH. Its a Huawei Honor 3C which I have had for almost two years, works like a charm.
2. Trident gum in watermelon. I live on this stuff. I used to eat the strawberry ones but I’m obsessed with  the new watermelon flavor
3. Money, since a wallet doesn’t fit in this purse.
4. Headphones, because one has to cancel the world out at all times.
5. House keys. A reminder that I am a responsible adult.
6. Sunglasses. This pair, I bought from the roadside stall for 2oo rs and I love them!
7. A note pad, in case I have to take someones contact and my phone decides not to work at that moment
8. Lipstick. A lady can never leave the house without one. This one’s a NYX butter lipstick in ‘Little Susie’
9. A small perfume because you need to smell good in the Karachi heat.
10. I had this concert pass lying in there. Its for the band ‘The D/A Method’ which I really like.

So these our purse essentials guys! What do you like to carry?

Disclaimer: This post contains a PR sample sent for review but our opinions are 100% honest.

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